Equipment : It's hip to be Square... Cleveland Smart Square Putter
Posted on 09.04.2014

Awesome Golf Product testers had a chance to test this claim. We put the product in the hands of traditional mallet users with the following specs: 

• Head weight: 360 grams

• Lie angle: 70°

• Loft: 3°

• Length: 35"

• Grip: SuperStroke Ultra Slim 1.0 65 grams.

The overall shape and finish of the putter were pretty easy on the eye at address - The matte black finish on the putter highlighted by the contrasting white lines did work for us. Not an instant classic design for the Awesome Golf testers but it does what it claims to do. Align the ball better.

The Smart Square Dual Axis Alignment:

The width of the squares frame the golf ball well and did give us  a great visual to the target line. The perpendicular lines helped ensure that the putter head was square to the target - it was really easy to tell when the face was either opened or closed. The only observation here - unless you have a straight back and thru stroke (as opposed to a slight arc) you're going to need a little more time getting used to it. 


Face Insert:

We were particular disappointed with the feel and sound of the putter. The insert feels too "clicky" and little feedback on badly struck putts, we would have preferred a softer feel with better feedback with the insert. The insert is a little too firm for our liking, we struggled a little on faster greens. We do hope to see variations of inserts - milled or even softer polymer compound. 

No complains about the performance - the roll of the putter is true with little bobble or skips.


Overall impressions are good. Really good. There are putters out there packed with technology that most of us can't even pronounce. Is this putter going to sway some the 2-ball believers? It just might. 

The Smart Square does what it claims to do - It's simple and helps golfers align better. This putter is staying in the bag for a few more rounds. At this point, we believe squares are better than circles.

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